Saturday, December 30, 2006
My husband and I have come to terms with the fact that all three of our boys are Autistic. Rashawn, our four year old, was verified on the 21st of December and we're certain that Rayden, our 3 year old, is also. Rayden had some problems when he was around 7 months old and started having seizures. The disorder he had is called Infantile Spasms, also known as West Syndrome. We were very fortunate that the first treatment we attempted worked wonderfully and he hasn't had a seizure in over two years. Because of the Infantile Spasms we had Rayden receive services from the school district we're in. The program is called Early Intervention and it provides in-home physical, speech, and occupational therapy free of any cost to the family. It also provides a services coordinator who is available to the family for anything they may need help with, from finding an apartment or home to accessing government financial aid. There's a teacher who is also on this team available for consultation if needed. The program is absolutely wonderful.

Because Rayden was in the program already and I started to see some speech delay in Rashawn we had him tested and he began to receive services also. He started preschool to help him develop social and speech skills. At parent teacher conferences his teacher told me she had some concerns that he may be Autistic. I was shocked, but calm. I had worked with Autism every summer from the age of 14 to 19 and was very very familiar with it. I only stopped because I had babies :) I listened to the teacher's concerns and it all began to make complete sense. I finally had a reason why my child was so much harder to keep up with than all the other children I knew. It explained the constant getting into things he knew he shouldn't. I can't tell you how many eggs I've had to shampoo out of my carpet. It's funny now, but when it happens, it can almost break you, because you're already exhausted.

So after I had time to contemplate all this a bit and watch Rashawn with this in mind, I realized it was true and almost beat myself up for having worked with Autism so closely and not recognized it in my own child. In watching Rashawn, I began looking at Rayden too. It didn't take long to figure out he was. He starts his testing in Jan when he starts preschool also. It's a 60 day test period so we should be able to verify him by the end of February.

And now the third kiddo. Rion, our 16 month old. Up until now he's seemed right on target for development, but I have been worried about his speech because he hasn't said a single word yet. Yes, I know he's still young but even Rashawn and Rayden had said at least one word by now. The other night Mike, my husband, and I were talking and he said he'd pretty much come to terms with the fact that all three of our kids had Autism. This may seem pessimistic and rash but we've both realized that we have some pretty profound Autistic tendencies that perhaps were not recognized because we were high functionaing enough that it didn't affect our school work or social lives severely. It can be hereditary so it adds to the risk for the kids. I was still clinging to the hope that Rion was going to be the exception though. This morning changed my mind.
Rion kept climbing on top of a chair and every time he'd end up falling off and getting hurt. Then he would just get up and do it again. (One sign of Autism is a tendency to do things without regard for their own safety.) Then when my husband started to get stern with him he would throw a fit (not too uncommon for an almost two year old) and ended up hitting his head on the bar to the one-point net swing we have. He got up and started climbing on the chair again so my husband got on to him again. He did the same thing, except this time I realized he was hitting his head on the bar on purpose, not by accident.Then it occurred to me that Rion is also always opening and closing his hands and staring at them. Yes it's normal for a baby to do this, but Rion does this constantly, which could be another sign.

So now I'm in the process of accepting all of this. I do not feel defeated, because I know that God has given me this because I have a heart for Autistic children. He gives strength in everything and he will in this. He's blessed me with a wonderful husband who is just awesome about all of this. A lot of men don't handle it quite as well but my husband is already using techniques he's learned when disciplining Rashawn. I'm extremely thankful for this because I've seen personally parents that can't handle it. It's going to be a tough road but there are so many blessings in it. I have the sweetest little boys ever. Everyone just falls in love with them. They're wonderful kids. Not too mention they're beautiful! Yeah, I know, I'm pretty biased but I have others who will testify too it :P




Today I spent some time setting up a picture schedule for the two older boys. I'm kind of excited about it. Here's a picture, it's only half done. I need to pick up some more velcro.

I just put contact paper on our bedroom door and used velcro to attach the pictures and times.Each picture represents a part of their day: playing with blocks, music, tv time, trucks, train set, coloring. Everything is scheduled to help them feel more secure, it does wonders I promise. They're much calmer when their day is ordered and predictable. Who doesn't feel better when they have that!

In the knitting scheme of things, I'm still work on the same old same old. Probably getting a little burned out now. I'm probably going to work on the leg and arm warmers I've been drooling over for a few weeks. At least it'll be a quicker project. A finished project would be nice. Anyway, here's a picture of the Bruce Lee throw. I have up to the knuckles of the lower fist done so far. It's going pretty fast I think.

Check out the bamboos, nice eh? And the cord length is a big upgrade from this. Sorry the picture is so big, I got lazy ;P

And last but definitely not least, I got this super cute purse.

Yes, yes, I know, it's sacrilege because I could totally make this. But it comes down to the fact that I got it for $10 and you just can't beat that. The supplies alone would cost more than that and I have way too many on the needle projects to be messing around with something I could get for just $10!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
I had a knitting day out today. Okay it was only three hours, but with three boys 4 years old and under it's a vacation! I was surprised by my little excursion though. I found that I actually enjoyed Michael's more than the Knitting Shop. I know, I know, it's a horrible thing to say. It comes down to this, I just can't afford to spend $10 a skein for my big projects right now. (And that's the cheap ones!) Michaels has affordable yarn and supplies and I can actually look around and possibly buy what I need. At the yarn shop I just fantasize about possibly, maybe being able to splurge on enough for a project maybe in two years when my Hubby isn't going to school and working. Besides I have a list of about thirty projects I'm dying to do, and at the moment don't really need more yarn or pattern books, the latter of which being my ultimate weakness. I will splurge a little for some smaller projects though ;P

Wanting to support the shop I bought my bamboo needles there and walked away quite happy. that is, until I went to Michael's, as previously mentioned, and while waiting for my knitting companion, Sara, to choose some yarn, I went just feet further along the yarn adorned wall than usual, and what do you suppose I came across? A whole section of BAMBOO knitting needles and supplies. Now why, WHY, would they not be by the OTHER knitting needles? *pause for a calming breath* It's okay, I've supported the local knitting shop (even if it did cost A LOT more than I wanted) and I can purchase the bamboo needles much more conveniently now.

I did manage to find a pattern for tabi socks at the knitting shop which I've really really really wanted to knit. but being a member of Crafter's Choice I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it. I promise I'm not really that cheap, I'm just on a limited knitting budget right now. Here's a picture of the socks on the cover of the book I found them in. I know, what an easy find-right there on the cover!

I'm lovin these. I have a love for oriental things (mainly Japanese) after reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. It's easily my favorite book and now I've become obsessed with all things kimono, including Tabi socks which were traditionally worn by Japanese geisha.

***WARNING: foot squimish readers do not continue***

I have a rather large gap between by big toe and the others which are relatively close together.

Yes, that's right, I just posted a picture of my foot. This gap is horrible for wearing flipflops, and of course I love wearing them. I'm not a fan of toe socks because they feel weird between my smaller toes. So Tabi socks to the rescue! Now all I need is the Geta sandals for added Oriental fun!

Speaking of oriental, I got a gorgeous oriental-looking jewelry box from my mother for Christmas. I love it and just thought I'd share :)

Okay so maybe it doesn't really look that oriental but upclose the little embellishments look kinda oriental, or is that wishful thinking? Click on the picture for a super close-up and you can decide for yourself, just don't burst my happy little oriental bubble please :)

And that's all I've got today. Now that I have my bamboos I will be able to knit up some finished projects to share pretty soon!


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Thursday, December 21, 2006
I don't have a ton of updating to do because I haven't made it up to the yarn shop for some new bamboos yet. I will for sure after Christmas. All gift money goes straight to knitting supplies of course!! So after this weekend I will be forcing my way to the yarn shop, by whatever means possible.
The Bruce Lee throw is coming along. I've gotten past the 39 stockinette rows + 5 garter stitch, for border, and made my way into the actual chart. My next row is the beginning of intarsia and I'm DYING to get into it. But alas, of course, life gets in the way, as my bottom lip juts out theatrically. Yes, I am pouting, and look remarkably like my three sons whenever they don't get their way. I woke this morning and the first thing I thought of was intarsia and my longing for it. If you are not a knitter I expect there was a comment or facial expression that had something to do with thinking I'm insane which likely was exuberated following that last sentence. Yes, I am, like so many others, afflicted with the Obessessive Compulsion know as Knitmania. With that said, not much has been on my mind, after forcing myself to undertake the common chores of a stay-at-home mom. Okay, so I did take some time to cuddle with my boys. Although I may be obsessed, my love for my family has the power to override my knitmania, thankfully, or I might've been to blame for the desinitegration of a marriage and happy family all do to knitting.
Okay, I'm getting off track, back to the throw. I'm completely loving it and unlike many of my first-time endeavors, I'm extremely excited and anxious to get into the intarsia, as previously mentioned. I'm very happy that the chart has sections of white instead of being all spread out. This way I can have a few bobbins going at a time and not have to freak out over tangled yarn everywhere. I've had my fill of untangling knots for the next year, in the past couple weeks.
Okay so in my excitment for intarsia, I decided to finally check out this that everyone is screeching about. Here's my reaction to the site-


Yep that was a screech, I've been screechified. In all seriousness, it really is a wonderful site. I watched the video on intarsia and it was soooooo helpful. I usually succomb to my lazyknitteritis, and end up attempting to do things without really being knowledgeable about them first. Except when it comes to felting, THAT scares the geebelees out of me. I've even knitted up a cute little bag and have yet to actually throw it in the washer despite having read and watched several different sources on felting. This is what it has looked like for the past six months at least-

I'm just too scared. Maybe if I promise you all I'll do it soon, the peer pressure will give me some bravery. So here goes- I, the Divaknitter, solemly swear to attempt felting my bag by the New Year.
Wait I was talking about and intarsia, how do I let myself get so distracted? Knitting does it to you, I think. You know, like when you have this project you're really into and then suddenly you spot the legwarmers in the Knit.1 TV issue and somehow they appear on your needles and become your fifty billionth project in the works. Yes, like that. Now, back to intarsia and my lazyknitteritis. I actually considered just trying intarsia without looking it up anywhere. It really is a sickness, I swear. But a miracle has appeared in the form of It is WONDERFUL! The exact cure needed for the common knitter plagued by the seemingly uncureable lazyknitteritis. I watched one little ten minute video and whammo, I know exactly what I'm doing now! So check the site out. I'll put the link in the links list too just for you. Enjoy.

I must go finish christmas letters so I can finally get to my intarsia. If I don't get a chance to say it in the next few days-Merry Christmas!!


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Monday, December 18, 2006
I have recently, as in the past day or two, been pulled in to the addiction called, Podcast. Maybe I should have resisted. I knew it was coming the moment I decided to try them out. But somehow I rationalized this new possible obsession by thinking I wouldn't enjoy all 25 podcasts that I subscribed to. Certainly there would only be one or two that would demand thirty minutes to an hour of my already jam packed life. Of course I didn't actually end up enjoying all of them but there are quite a few that have grabbed my attention, and I'm only on number 12 of the 25. lckily not all podcasters update every day, week, or even month, so there may be days that I can get away without a podcast session at all. This is a good thing as long as I don't end up with podcast withdrawl which is very likely with any addiction. Well, crossing my fingers for the retainment of my sanity, here are the podcasts I have enjoyed so far:

Sticks and String


Pixie Purls

Ready Set Knit


Beyond podcasting, I have ventured to write down a list of all the projects I want to embark upon. Unfrtunately, knowing full well that I will never stick to such a list having made several predecessor to this current one. But, maybe, just maybe I can finish them all....yeah, maybe.So anyway, these are the projects on the needles at the moment:

The very late and slow going double knitted baby blanket (yes, it makes an appearance once again, and no I have not made anymore progress)-

The baby I've been knitting this for is approximately 3 months old now. It possibly could have been finished by now, but no, the curious incident of the child in the daytime has destroyed any progress that possibly could have taken place. Since said incident I have undertaken the following projects so this one will have to take a backburner until I'm able to reach the lovely supplier of all things Clover Bamboo thirty mins from my place of dwelling. I will also be purchasing this same brand of needles for this-

Maybe you've seen this before, or more like, you've probably seen this before. The needles I was using for it also broke although it wasn't to the fault of any children. Needless to say I'm going to be using bamboos from now on instead of the horribly irritating Needlemaster. Having said that I'll also be purchasing needles to replace my final on-the-needles project.
This, while the needles are in technical working order, is in need of a serious upgrade. I've been using my smallest length of cord in the needlemaster set because it's basically all I have left. This would be just fine and dandy (minus the hate of using a set of needlemasters) except that the cast on for this project was 156 stitches. Not so convenient for such a small length of cording.

Okay so although this project is somewhat annoying to try to keep on the needles (hence, the cute sockies on the end of my needles) I'm really quite excited about it. I was once again browsing the knitting web community and stumbled upon this wonderfulness at

Okay so maybe I'm not a huge Bruce Lee fan but my husband's best friend certainly is! And to make things even more convenient, he's currently engaged to my best friend. I certainly need something that will be just spectacular for their wedding gift and now I have it, or...well...them. As in two gifts. I can't very well give them BOTH the Bruce Lee throw (did I mention it's a throw?) so I had to come up with something else for her. I was having trouble until I discovered this-

I found it here. If you read the information on the link then you can see where the designer/knitter got all the different elements of the Afghan. I really love this. I am going to change quite a bit about it though. The leaves I want to make look like this-

I may use the bordering trees sparingly and the edging I'm definately doing the same. But I'm going to try and incorporate their initials into it and possibly the wedding date also. Is it bad that I'm stealing ideas from others and just tweaking them to my specifications? I hope the people who created these patterns and knitted works won't be upset by my copy-catting. Of course I won't be selling the pattern or even posting it as a freebie of my own. Hmmmm...

Okay, so this post is getting quite long so I'll just bother you with one more picture of the belt I knitted up the other day, and be done with it. (YES! Finally a finished project, nevermind how small ;P )


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Friday, December 15, 2006
My Christian Knitting group met once again last night. Get this, it was me and three guys! One of which was my gorgeous husband. It was a lot of fun. The guys have actually outnumbered the girls and other than Becky, my friend of twelve years, are the most loyal in their attendance! Okay, so it isn't a very large group but we have a lot of fun. We meet monthly but I'm changing that to bi-weekly. Our official meeting time is the first Thursday of each month. If you're keeping track, that was last week. That meeting was kind of a bust when it comes to actual knitting. We had fun hanging out but I was compulsively obsessed with getting the massive knot out of Becky's poor mangled yarn. That was a feat! I started working on that thing at 8:30pm and didn't get it all out til about 1am. Another member of the girl persuasion,Sara, who had been looking forward to the meeting as some R&R after some rough weeks, couldn't make it. And the guys just kinda hung out and watched me obsess over the monster knot. I'm currently teaching all three guys so they were somewhat stuck while I was completely entranced, maybe that yarn had some mystical "I must be untangled" power. So after that meeting busted we decided to do a make-up meeting last night. Sara and Becky were wiped from hard days at work and whatnot so it was just me and the guys. I gotta tell ya, in my experiences with teaching knitting, guys are by far the quicker learners. No offense to any of the girls I've taught but these guys just pick up on it right away. My own hubby blew me away! Not only did he learn quickly but he almost immediately was knitting twice as fast as me and I've been knitting for 3 years or so. Plus his stitch consistency, for a beginner, is quite outsanding.

Don't mind hoodie over there. It was enough that he actually let me take the picture! Hubby is in the red. He's such a good lookin guy!

If you look closely at the TV you'll see their method for retaining their masculinity while they knit. They were just kidding really. We all watch wrestling together for pay-per-views so we just happen to decide to watch a TNA video on Samoa Joe. Not that any of you would even be remotely interested in the details of what wrestling we were watching. I'm fairly certain I'm the only knitting wrestling fan in existence (other than the guys of course). If there are any others out there, let me know. We could make a group! You know, of the two of us. Haha.

Thanks for being so cool guys. I'm really lovin this group. It's basically some of my favorite people (along with my all-time favorite person) doing my favorite thing with me. Who could ask for more?!


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Thursday, December 14, 2006
So I'm surfing my fellow knitting bloggers' pages and I'm having a fine good time. I discover a new blog, well new to me she's been around for a while. Anyway her blog is quite interesting and I'm very excited to be reading it because she does patterns for Knit.1 my all time favorite knitting mag. What a dream job! So I'm reading and she has one post about traffic on her site spiking unusually, which most of us accredit to her awesomeness. But some mentioned "hotlinking" could lead to this. Being a new-to-blogging and self-taught HTML user (I have had to edit the actual template using html because bloggerbeta doesn't support the skin I used) I had no idea what hotlinking was. And what do you do when you don't know what something is? Google it of course! So I do and a very informational page pops up. As I'm reading the evils of hotlinking, it dawns on me that I have unknowingly taken part in this rather rude and ultimately un-nice practice. I have since gone through all my links and posts that had hotlinked pictures and saved a copy to my computer, uploaded it to facebook, and replaced the source url.
There were two reasons for this post. One, to maybe bring it to the attention to some people who may not be aware of hotlinking or that they are doing it. And two, to publically apologize to those I was unknowingly stealing bandwidth from, whether they were aware of it or not. So here they are.

My apologies to-

Christian Women Online
(I would have a better name for it but I can't read German)

My biggest apologies I would like to extend to Knitting Wench and because I feel I probably was wronging those sites the most. I actually took a picture straight off these blogs (the pumpkin head picture and KnitLites picture) and hotlinked them. My most sincere apologies to them.

So in other news...

I'm currently working on 3 projects. Yeah, I know, only three. But I do have two or three that need to be started so it isn't so bad...Anyway, you already know of two of the projects, the breast Cancer Blanket and the double-knitted baby blanket from long ago. Remember? The attack of the needle-killer one year old? Yeah so I finally gave up on making it out to the knitting store (30 mins away) to get those bamboos I so want. I ended up getting the same old, same old from the dreaded Walmart. I know, it was a moment of weakness. I promise I'll still get the bamboos from the other place...eventually.
So I make it home at about 12 am last night with my new knitting needles and decide to go ahead and transfer the blanket onto them so the stitches won't fall off the ruined cord once again.I swear I've picked up those same stitched 20 times. Not really, but I didn't want to have to do it again regardless. That's when I realized that the needles I had just bought were about a half a size smaller than the ones I had used for the blanket. I swear I used 10 1/2s, but no, they were 11s. Sigh. I don't think I'm patient enough to wait so I'll just take the slight change in gauge. I mean it's just a blanket right? How much could just half a size show? Don't tell me, I know it's wishful hoping. I'm sure I'll do a few rows and then end up frogging them and buying those bamboos after all. Which means I contributed to the evils of Walmart for nothing. Wow, I've been taking part in a lot of "evil" lately huh?
Oh right, you're still wondering what that third project was. Well, I bought these new jeans that I was super excited about because they're a size 15 in Juniors. JUNIORS!! Four or five months ago I was a size 18 misses. To say the least I'm extremely happy especially because I got them at Kohl's for $15 each, can't beat that! Well after wearing them around for a few hours they are completely falling off. I mean FALLING OFF. I don't think I'm quite to a size smaller. I hate being inbetween sizes, but I always am. So I need a belt. And of course, why buy when you can knit?! So I'm making a belt using the cast on method they did on KnittyGritty but I think I'll design my own for the rest of it. Of course there will be pictures to come! Sorry I'm lacking on the pictures in this post, but please enjoy the managerie of linkage!


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
I have decided that I'm not a fan of the Boye Needlemaster set. I switched to the size 11 needles for the Breast Cancer Blanket and apparently they aren't manufactured very well because the end that screws onto the connecting cable has excess metal hanging off. So basically I keep catching each stitch on it every time I move them along the needle. To say the least it's kind of annoying. I actually don't mind the split second of extra time it takes to pull the stitches past the catching point. It's more of the thought that I'm using inferior needles that gets to me. I know, I know, it's prissy but I do really need to get some nicer needles. I may dish out some mula for the Knit Picks Options set and then maybe get bamboos here and there as I go. The Mason-Dixon girls have mentioned in their blog that the Options set is pretty good, and I don't think you can go wrong with taking their advice :) So that may be the next knitting expenditure, besides yarn of course ;P

Okay enough ranting. I'm gettin there on the aforementioned blanket. I won't bore you with post after post of my progress though. Don't worry, it should be finished soon enough, it's a quick knit. I'll post a completed pic when it's done. Anyways, I will venture to entertain you with a picture my hubby took on our recent zoo adventure. It's getting pretty chilly here so the waterfall was pretty amazing I thought.

Our local zoo is rockin! It's one of the best in the country for sure! Thumbs up to the zoo officials for not deciding to turn this particular waterfall off for the winter!

More knitting coming soon, I promise. Sorry for the lack thereof in this one.


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Saturday, December 9, 2006
I don't have a lot of updating when it comes to knitting. Still working on the breast cancer blanket from the previous post. So I was looking on youtube for a particular knitting video and found this.

Amazing!! Does this girl have a blog?? :)

So here's the actual video a friend showed me a while ago and I thought I'd entertain you with.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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Thursday, December 7, 2006
My poor hubby had quite a big scare last night. Here's what happened: He went over to his best friends to hangout while I put the boys to bed (I told him to he needed a break). I told him I'd give him a call after the boys were asleep and we'd go from there (see if I'd meet them over there or I just spend some time knitting until he got home). So he takes off and I herd our three boys into their bedroom and hunker down for some good ol' Nintendo DS tetris. Of course I would knit of course but the room is dark and I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $17 on some Knitlites. If you haven't heard of them, they're a genious invention of knitting needles with lights in the tips so you can knit in the dark. I think I just convinced myself to hock over the $17 :)

Moving on...I only played a few games before I was just too darn tired and decided to use the big teddy bear I was leaning on as a pillow. And when I say big I mean BIG.

Not a night of putting the boys to bed has gone by that I've not been very thankful we bought that bear for them! he's a cuddley thing! So I wake up sometime between 9:30 and 10 and all three boys are finally asleep. Still feeling a bit groggy and quite stuffed up (this cold just will not let go) I head directly to the bathtub for some relaxation. I realize during my R&R that I forgot to call my husband but I know he'll understand so I continue my relaxation.

The next thing I know he's waking me up with this unexplainable look on his face. I suppose the best description would be bewilderment. This is what had happened during my little snooze: He and his friend had realized I hadn't called so he called to make sure everything was fine. I didn't answer. No big deal, I had probably just fallen asleep in the bed room with the boys (can you tell that happens a lot? I guarantee if you stick any mother of three preschoolers in a dark quiet room, they will lose conciousness). A little while later my husband comes home and everything is dark and quiet. He checks our bedroom. I'm not there. He checks the boys' room. I'm not there either. This is when he starts to really worry. He calls my name. No answer. And again. No answer. The panic begins to set in. The bathroom, I have to be in the bathroom, but why am I not answering?? He rushes in and sees me unconscious underneath the water with nothing but my nose sticking out. This is when he said the shock started to sink in but he was still clinging to the hope that I was just asleep. Apparently it took a few tries to finally wake me up which just made it worse. But I did finally wake up, not completely understanding the "bewildered" look on his face.
After he told me what had happened I felt horrible. My poor guy had thought I had drowned while he was with his friend. He wasn't upset with me just down right scared. I vowed never to sleep in the bath again. To tell you the truth, underneath the feeling horrible for scaring him so badly, it felt really good to know someone cared so much. Of course I already knew that but to actually see someone have that much fear of losing you just warms your heart.

Okay so enough of the storytelling, here's my recent knitting adventures. I spent all Wednesday sitting in a lecture on Asperger's and Autism so of course I needed a knitting project to take along with me. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to make but I was sure of the yarn I wanted to use.

Moda Dea TickerTape in pink

And Bernat Soft Bucle

In Black

The project started out as either a belt or scarf, I didn't like the results so I ripped it all out and started this

You gotta love that it matches my current knitting bag :)

I'm pretty sure it'll end up being a sqaure lap blanket for someone who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her daughter is in the same bible study as me and I was wanting to knit something for her mom as my first PrayerKnits project. I tought the pink was very breast cancer appropriate. I have someone else I want to make something for too so I may be doing both at the same time. It's a little 3yr old boy who has cancer. His grandmother is in my chorus group and was talking to me about the process of her becoming his hospice worker. I had been wanting to start the PrayerKnits group for a while and now suddenly I have two different people who I can knit something for through it. God works in wonderful ways. I don't think it was a coincidence that they both came through groups I was already involved in either. Gotta love that.


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Monday, December 4, 2006
After way too many set backs for a super easy pattern (not at the fault of the author), the clutch purse is finito (have you noticed I like to make boring words more interesting?). I actually almost scrapped the whole project because it just didn't seem to be coming together. First I couldn't get the gauge to match the first front panel I did a while back. I've come to the conclusion that the skein I had ordered online was quite a bit different than any other Bernat Softee Chunky I had or probably ever will purchase. It was a bit thinner and had a sheen to it that knitted just beautifully, but of course was no where close to the same gauge as the front. I finally just decided to double strand and reknit the front after I finished the back. For some reason I thought I could go to the store (they finally restocked their yarn)`and get another skein and have it be the same as the internet skein. Silly me. It ended up being just like the skein used for the first front panel. Oh well, I needed to reknit the front just the same because I had switched to double stranding(just using two strings of yarn instead of one) because I liked the thickness. After I finished and had peiced the two panels together, I was severely unhappy. It just wasn't what I was hoping for. With a sigh I decided that maybe the embellishment might help my prejudice against it. This was the result.

It's amazing what a simple free hand backstitching can do for finishing a project!! The whole look of the bag changed and instead of wanting to shove it in a drawer and forget it ever existed, I can't wait to use it on our anniversary. Now the only step left is to lose that last 20lbs so I look fantabulous(there it is again) in the dress I have picked out. Actually the dress has some history but that's a whole different post. OOoooooh, cliffhanger!

I'm very excited and pleased to say that I believe my charity group PrayerKnits is about to get underway. The basic jist of it is we pray and knit for people going through a rough time. It's just like the Prayer Shawl Ministry. The difference is that we switch-up the things we knit for people. It can be anything from a shawl or blanket to a pair of mittens or a teddy bear for a child. It'll be starting out really small but that's how most things start right? I hope to set up a website soon where people from all over can get involved. The idea is that anyone can be a part, they just knit and pray for someone and I will hopefully have some downloadable things that you can attatch to the gift. Then there will be a blog or some other way for people to let us know their stories and talk to eachother about it all. Eventually I hope to have groups that meet all over but it's all in God's hands so we'll see.

Stay tuned for links to the PrayerKnits website and the story of "the dress"! Wow, I was just full of to-be-continueds on this one.


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Friday, December 1, 2006
Don't you just hate those days when you're just way too busy and don't get to knit ALL DAY!? There's been a lot of those days this week :( I absolutely love being in the chorus but when it gets in the way of my knitting I may just have to reevaluate my priorities. Just kidding! Although I will be glad when this week is over and life goes back to normal, with knitting time.
Despite my lack of actual knitting time, I have had some knitting related experiences in the past few days. I currently am using a Boye Needlemaster set until I can manage to replace it with bamboo circulars.

Well, I was busy blogging when I looked over and saw my one year old, Rion, sitting on my current knitting project (a baby blanket from a previous post). I fully considered moving him and rescuing my precious project, but I decided to try and fight my obsessive compulsion to protect my knitting. It will be fine it's just a blanket and he's just sitting there, I told myself. It wasn't long before he got up and charged over to a favorite toy and I breathed a sigh of relief that it had come to no harm. A little while later I decided to move the in-the-works blanket to a safer more protected area, the bedroom. As I lifted it from the couch, however, one of the screwed-on needles remained where it lay and I realize that a few dozen stitches had fallen off. No problem, I thought, I'll just pick up the stitches and screw the needle back on. So after spending a few minutes picking the stitches back up with the needleless cord, I attempted to screw the needle back on. This is when I realized that something was terribly wrong. There was nothing to screw the needle back on to. My son had sat on the needle and cord and broken the needle off with the screw part still inside.

So the blanket must take a back burner until I can manage my way through my busy life to the local knitting shop and pick up some new size tens. You would imagine I would be upset by this but in actuality, I'm just excited to have an excuse to go buy some size 10 bamboos. my goal is to acquire a full set of bamboo needles in circular and double-pointed. One step closer.
Conveniently, I happened across an unfinished project from months ago that I had been quite excited about. The reason it didn't get finished was a lack of yarn, which is so often a problem in the life of a knitter. when I went back to the store to pick up another skein they had gotten rid of almost ALL of their yarn. Apparently they were revamping there selection and just hadn't put it all out on display yet. So I tried several other stores with no luck. Finally in desperation I ordered it on ebay. Unfortunately it took 4 weeks for me to receive it and I had already begun the previously mentioned blanket. So I put the yarn in a drawer with the half finished peice,( it's a clutch purse by the way) and eventually forgot about it until yesterday. I now have the piece and the yarn to complete it. And with a damper on my current project and nothing to fulfill my knitting withdrawl, I shall complete it.

The pattern is out of Emma King's 25 Bags to Knit. It's my first attempt at continental knitting. I plan on adding some embellishments in either pink or red. If you know me well you're probably thinking, she'll pick pink for sure. But in fact I'm leaning towards the red to match the dress I'm wearing on our 4th wedding anniversary. But you're correct, my obsession with pink makes it a very difficult choice. And to wrap it up I'll post some pics of the knitting(and one sewing) books that I just ordered.


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