Friday, December 1, 2006
Don't you just hate those days when you're just way too busy and don't get to knit ALL DAY!? There's been a lot of those days this week :( I absolutely love being in the chorus but when it gets in the way of my knitting I may just have to reevaluate my priorities. Just kidding! Although I will be glad when this week is over and life goes back to normal, with knitting time.
Despite my lack of actual knitting time, I have had some knitting related experiences in the past few days. I currently am using a Boye Needlemaster set until I can manage to replace it with bamboo circulars.

Well, I was busy blogging when I looked over and saw my one year old, Rion, sitting on my current knitting project (a baby blanket from a previous post). I fully considered moving him and rescuing my precious project, but I decided to try and fight my obsessive compulsion to protect my knitting. It will be fine it's just a blanket and he's just sitting there, I told myself. It wasn't long before he got up and charged over to a favorite toy and I breathed a sigh of relief that it had come to no harm. A little while later I decided to move the in-the-works blanket to a safer more protected area, the bedroom. As I lifted it from the couch, however, one of the screwed-on needles remained where it lay and I realize that a few dozen stitches had fallen off. No problem, I thought, I'll just pick up the stitches and screw the needle back on. So after spending a few minutes picking the stitches back up with the needleless cord, I attempted to screw the needle back on. This is when I realized that something was terribly wrong. There was nothing to screw the needle back on to. My son had sat on the needle and cord and broken the needle off with the screw part still inside.

So the blanket must take a back burner until I can manage my way through my busy life to the local knitting shop and pick up some new size tens. You would imagine I would be upset by this but in actuality, I'm just excited to have an excuse to go buy some size 10 bamboos. my goal is to acquire a full set of bamboo needles in circular and double-pointed. One step closer.
Conveniently, I happened across an unfinished project from months ago that I had been quite excited about. The reason it didn't get finished was a lack of yarn, which is so often a problem in the life of a knitter. when I went back to the store to pick up another skein they had gotten rid of almost ALL of their yarn. Apparently they were revamping there selection and just hadn't put it all out on display yet. So I tried several other stores with no luck. Finally in desperation I ordered it on ebay. Unfortunately it took 4 weeks for me to receive it and I had already begun the previously mentioned blanket. So I put the yarn in a drawer with the half finished peice,( it's a clutch purse by the way) and eventually forgot about it until yesterday. I now have the piece and the yarn to complete it. And with a damper on my current project and nothing to fulfill my knitting withdrawl, I shall complete it.

The pattern is out of Emma King's 25 Bags to Knit. It's my first attempt at continental knitting. I plan on adding some embellishments in either pink or red. If you know me well you're probably thinking, she'll pick pink for sure. But in fact I'm leaning towards the red to match the dress I'm wearing on our 4th wedding anniversary. But you're correct, my obsession with pink makes it a very difficult choice. And to wrap it up I'll post some pics of the knitting(and one sewing) books that I just ordered.


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