Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Okay, so I swear to you it's not as bad as it looks. I tried to write a blog since the last entry I swear! I actually had the whole thing written and then blogger messed up and wouldn't save the draft. Sigh.

Finished my niece's Upside Down Daisy Hat. She looks so cute in it! I would post a pic but I'm too lazy to connect my phone to the computer. Maybe in a future update :)

A friend of mine liked the hats so much that she asked me to make a pumpkin AND a daisy hat for her niece. So I'm cranking those two out so I can finish one more pumpkin for my 3 yr old. Then I can carry on with my first crochet project.

I'm quite excited about it. Before this I had done some swatches of the basics and wasn't too impressed with knitting's cousin. But knowing that to be able to embellish and be more knowledgable I needed to learn to crochet I kept looking around at Crochet magazines. Then I found Crochet Today. This is the best magazine ever! I look through each issue and find several projects I not only like but plan on doing. Usually a magazine is lucky to have one or two that I'll put the effort into actually accomplishing. I still buy them for the sheer window shopping aspect of them, and for the stories. I only buy them for the stories! Haha. Something knitting magazines and Playboy have in common. You definitely don't buy them just for the stories! Anyway, the project I chose for my first crochet adventure is actually intermediate which makes me very proud of myself. I love that even if a project is hard in either knitting or crochet you can always attempt it and do well. As long as you take it one step at a time and get help if you get stuck. Usually my help is the internet. Like in this pattern when I came across the dtr or double treble crochet. I just paused, googled, and followed these directions. I love the internet, I wouldn't be the knitter I am without it.

So here's my progress on the convertible shrug.

Not much I know, but those hats have over taken my crafting life at the moment. I did have one issue with my progress. I don't like my popcorn stiches in the center of each granny square. It isn't that I don't like the popcorn stitch design, it's more of I don't like MY popcorn stitches. they certainly don't look like the picture. I even took away one of the chain stitched in between the popcorns to close them up a bit which helped but they still aren't too my complete satisfaction. I'm chalking it up to being a brand new crocheter and eventually I'll be able to popcorn with ease. Besides, only a decent crocheter might notice and even that might take me pointing it out.

Oh and just in case some of you are planning on venturing into the world of crochet soon. When a pattern says to join a circle and then crochet INTO that circle, it means in the circle SPACE. I was so frustrated and confused by this. It's actually the reason I gave up trying years ago when I originally tried crochet. I kept crocheting into each stitch in the circle, which you can and then double up in each stitch according to how many stiches you are increasing to, but stitching into the space of the circle is much easier and it looks a million times better. Just my opinion.

Honestly, I should be working on christmas presents but that's what November is for right?

Moving on...

Have you guys seen THIS ? It's actually really cute and then evil at the same time. SO awesome, totally making this one. That designer is a genius!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Oh yes, I'm on Ravelry! My username is Flitknit so look me up!!!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
508 people are in front of me in line for my Ravelry invite!!!!!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

904 people are between me and Ravelry! That means within the next couple days I will be addicted to my computer for only God knows how long! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!! I'll get around to actually updating for reals one of these days. I've written two blogs, one got deleted accidentally and the second sits unposted because of a lack of crucial pictures. It'll go up sometime. I've been busy getting costumes ready for Halloween. I'll definitely have to post about those! SOOOO excited. Craftiness is totally rockin my world right now. Yay!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

This new site is going to be the best thing to EVER happen to the knitting blogosphere. It's basically a database you can use for almost any information you could want for a project, yarn, book, pattern, anything! I'm super pumped about this site. You MUST check it out if you are a knitter or crocheter. It's going to be amazing. There are already thousands and thousands signed up and even more thousands on the waiting list. The site is still in beta right now. That's why you have to sign up and then they'll send you an invite when they get to you on the waiting list. I signed up on September 26th and am #36494 on the list. If you go to this link then you can find out where you are on the list after you signed up. Today there are 15609 people in line in front of me. It will also tell you how many people have signed up since you did. That number is 1660 for me right now. You can take a video tour here. It's worth waiting for it to load so you can get the full impact of how awesome this is going to be. From what I've seen so far it's going to be one of the most impressive sites I've ever been on. Okay so maybe that's the knitter in me taking over but seriously, this site is going to be AMAZING. So go sign up.

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