Thursday, February 14, 2008
Soooo...I picked up the patons SWS in Natural Blue. 7 skeins and I'm in love with it. here are the results for the poll BTW.

Fuzzy feet
fake isle hat
my so called scarf
butterfly hat
27 votes in total

Despite the My So Called victory, I actually decided to go with the Clapotis. Thanks to everyone who voted! Don't worry I know I'll eventually make that scarf. The stitch pattern is so unique I have to at least try it! Maybe I'll have some left over from the Clapotis. Not likely but I've seen some who only used 5 skeins with this yarn and I'm using size 10s. We shall see.

Jeanie is still going well, I'm lovin it. I cast on for the Clapotis last night and I'm dying to cast on some socks too. I thought I was a one-project-til-it's-done kind of knitter. But apparently not :)

So here's my main reason for this post: venting. And a bit of tooting my own horn.

I started a thread on Ravelry a while back and got an odd response. I'm a bit proud of my response so I'm posting the conversation here ;P

My original post:I’m getting a tattoo on my back. It’s a christian fish or “Ichthys” with the acronym IXOYE in the middle and the actual words written around it. my problem is I want to make sure it’s accurate and translated correctly. Any ideas on where I should look?

KittenLion:I’m just curious and don’t mean disrespect but why a tattoo ?

Note: this is a thread in a group called Tattooed Knitters & Crocheters

Me:I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Are you curious as to why I would want that as a tattoo or why I would want a tattoo at all?

KittenLion:why a tattoo of a christian symbol because in the bible it says that one shall not tattoo oneself, I am tattood and was catholic, It always makes me giggle to see people tattoo christian symbols on bodies

Me:It actually says not to mark oneself in pagan ritual. It was talking about practices during funerals where they would cut themselves and make the markings of idols. There are no New Testament scriptures talking about tattoo directly. The only thing it says is not to defile your body because it is the temple of Christ. To me the word defile is talking about things such as sexual immorality and things of that nature. Things that harm your body. And I certainly don’t want to get into a debate over what’s immoral or not. That’s my whole point with this post. I don’t believe tattoos defile your body as long as they aren’t satanic or pagan in nature. If I thought it was wrong to tattoo at all then I wouldn’t have my ears pierced because it falls under the same premise. That comment was pretty condescending. I take the bible and my beliefs extremely seriously. To make the comment “it always makes me giggle to see people tattoo christian symbols on bodies” was extremely rude. Just because you don’t agree with my beliefs doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to comment on a thread I posted solely for translation help and attack my devotion to my God. I say this because in making your comment you suggested that I was either ignorant of what the Bible says or did not take it seriously enough to care. Ravelry and this group are not about debating beliefs and making others feel attacked. It’s about having a common ground in knitting and being able to share our tattoos and ideas w/o being told it’s silly or stupid. There have been plenty of tattoos on here that I certainly didn’t agree with but I respect the person enough to not attack they’re choice or personal life. If you didn’t mean the comment to be condescending then you need to be much more careful about the way you present a question or comment like that.

I realize that A LOT of my friends and others who read my blog won't agree w/ my actual beliefs but it's the principle of the matter. I mean really.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

What should my next project be using Patons SWS?


Fuzzy feet

fake isle hat

my so called scarf




butterfly hat

View Results

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So my birthday was on Saturday and it was awesome. I got up in the morning with the boys since I didn't work the night before and we just hung out and cuddle all morning. Then Hubs and I went to see Phantom of the Opera at 2pm and The Orpheum. It was awesome! So awesome that I'm seriously contemplating recruiting someone from Ravelry to go with me so I can go again. It was that good. Granted I can't rationalize the full price tickets($68) and the seats will more than suck but whatever. I love the show so much it'd still be more than worth the $30 price for gallery seating, which is the floor directly in front of the stage. If you know anything about theatre you know that those seats are really crappy. Especially since the only ones available are far left or right. Ack. Like I said before though it'd still be worth it!

Anyway after the show I bought this shirt.

and the back

It was super overpriced at $35 but I knew I wouldn't find it again and it's just so freaking cute!

After the show Hubs took me to dinner at our fav restaurant and then we went home and hung out with our friends and my Godson. Cute no?

I love that boy.

So yeah, that was my actual birthday and then Sunday I celebrated it with my family. Mom made this super cute cake for me. Ignore the pretzel fish in the middle, that was courtesy of the 5yr old :)

The knitting needles have the cute kitties on top, which was a joke because my family used to tease me about acting like a cat when I was little. the other "ball of yarn" had a gift card to Michaels in it. I'm totally getting some Patons SWS with it. I've wanted some for a while but always ended up choosing to spend my money on something else. Not completely sure what I'll make yet.

When I got home from my parents we had people over to watch the TNA pay-per-view and Andy gave me the UFC 74 Respect DVD.

Holy crap I LOVE it!! It has my favorite fighter, Roger Huerta, on it in my fav fight where he uses the big screens in the arena to see the guy who has him in a hold from behind. He just keeps watching the screen and hitting the guy in head. Poor guy didn't have a chance. It also has Couture's last fight before retiring on it. It's also the fight that made me seriously respect him. (I'm fairly new to watching UFC) Plus the dvd has Georges St Pierre, another fav of mine, on it too. Last year Andy got me an Inuyasha movie. He knows me so well.

The weekend had a wonderful end with some more godson cuddling :)

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Saturday, February 9, 2008
Sooooo..I already finished my knitting goal for the day! All I wanted to do was get to the first row of dropping stitches on Jeanie. Voila!

The colors pop so much when the flash hits them. They're a little more subtle in regular light. Such is the fabulousness that is the Raven Clan! I'm loving the pattern too! Now I'm off to Phantom Of The Opera. I've seen it once before and it's WONDERFUL!! I can't wait! Oh and did I mention I'm 23 today!? It's turning out to be quite a wonderful birthday.

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Friday, February 8, 2008
I got these today in the mail.

I want to make the Clock Blanket, Harry's Weasley sweater, and a Quidditch sweater from Charmed Knits and the hexagon blanket on the cover of Classic Knits. I first saw the hexagon blanket on Alison's blog. Alison also wrote Charmed Knits so apparently I had a very Alison Hansel inspired Amazon order!

I'll updat later with pics of the projects from Charmed Knits. Apparently my sleepiness has turned into laziness. Or do the two coincide simultaneously? I'm too tired for abstract thought. good night.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
I've decided to climb Everest. Okay, so not literally, but I did get my very own sherpa. My Everest goes by the name of Jeanie. After a lot of sweat and tears I finally got over the massive foundational boulders that could otherwise be called the cast on/first two rows. Seriously, I was so frustrated! That is until I looked to my ever so faithful sherpa. I am now scaling the mountain one foot at a time and it's going quite well. No lack of oxygen so far!

I did stop to camp out a bit. I realize I just started but my mom's birthday is coming up on the 19th and I wanted to get a couple things done for her. One is a book scarf and the other is...

It's a book sweater! I found the chart for the K here. It's turning out really well so far. Especially considering it's my first time actually "achieving" color work! Minus double knitting but that's not exactly hard color work, it's just switching the yarns back and forth. Can't say I'm all too fond of the process of intarsia. It's quite annoying actually. I can totally see me falling in love with fair isle though. I'm hoping to eventually make the Venezia Pullover from InterweaveKnits Winter 2006 issue.

I love the colors Jench1n used, but then again I love most of what she does!

Speaking of colors (yeah that transition was a little too Deawn-ish, don't ask), I tried to lighten my hair. It was black with red stripes, now it's a brand new color all together! introducing the next rage in hair coloring....

The Hyena!!

Yeah, it's bad. Oh well, I'm rockin' it. I have to wait a few weeks before attempting to fix it since I kinda overkilled it in the past 6 weeks and now I fear hair loss if I try too soon. I have actually gotten compliments on it but most people are like "oh wow" and not in a good way. I think the compliments are coming from those who thought the black was too "goth." I roll my eyes at them. Doesn't matter now anyway, I've got hyena hair!!

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Friday, February 1, 2008
So. Um. Pinkeye. Is. Um. THE SUCK!!!!!! Three boys 5,4,and 2 yrs of age + Pink eye + eyedrops 4 times a day - mommy's 3 hr daily nap she so desperately needs = a knitting day because I seriously need to mentally escape the craziness that is Pinkeye.

Okay so I'm whining, and not all too seriously actually. I'm in a super good mood today after my 2 hrs of sleep(two days a week I get up with the kids at 6:30am after working from 11pm to 3:30am, it's fun let me assure you). We'll see how long the mood stays happy, especially when it comes time for the much needed nap that is not going to happen today. Usually Rashawn and Rayden are at school so I can force a nap on Rion for a few hours. I've tried forcing a nap on the three of them the past couple days but after a freak tornado went rampant through their room unexplainably yesterday, while they were still in there (it's amazing they weren't hurt really) I've decided that isn't such a good idea. Really, I may take a picture of the aftermath just to show you how devastating this freak tornado really was. It was a learning experience though. I never knew how remarkably close the rushing winds of a tornado sounded to three children pretending to be Power Rangers. Come to think of it, tornadoes and children sure do have a lot in common.

So anyway, today will be my Jeanie Day of DESTRUCTION. I'm going to pummel that pattern. It may have defeated me in the last 6 fights (ahem in the first round ahem) but I will prevail! I'm like the Rocky of the knitting world. I may be an underdog but my determination will win out in the end or I'll die trying. I can hear the crowds chanting my name already. Flit-knit, Flit-knit, Flit-knit. You're going down Jeanie.

I wish I could pummel pinkeye.

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