Thursday, January 29, 2009
The journey continues, even if it is taking a somewhat different path. The apartment is looking much better than before. I had a little bit of a breakdown (about a week ago?) and ended up calling my mom in tears. It was a powerful moment for me, much like when a drug addict hits bottom. This was my bottom. I looked around my apartment and couldn't comprehend how I had let it go so far. I took pictures for motivation. Never again could I let my husband and children live in such disarray. Replaying the photos on my camera was like watching one of those organization reality tv shows where you gasp at the before scenes. This wasn't me, I am not a slob.

Interesting. The first half of that statement feels completely true, yet the latter feels like a complete lie based on outward appearances. I have work to do.

my wonderful and amazing mom came and helped me get started getting everything to the point where I can start doing it on my own. I'm still working with the organizational book I talked about before. so far the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and kids' room are all to the point where I am not completely overwhelmed and can slowly get them closer and closer to what I'd like them to be. The main difficulty is motivation on a daily bases to keep them clean.

I'm also cracking down on diet and exercise again. I'm 13lbs more than I was two months ago and I feel every pound. I started weight training today. My plan is to weight train Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I have kick boxing Tuesdays and Thursdays with open gym on Saturday and my hope is to run on Mondays and Sundays. It's not as much running as i would like but that's a pretty full workout schedule already. I can focus on running more when I have a more regular schedule. I just bought weight Training for Dummies, since I have NO CLUE where to start.

Kick boxing is going well. I feel much more comfortable with my kicks now. My punches however need some serious work. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to get a wavemaster xxl with our tax return so I can train at home.

I'm trying to stay focused and remind myself that I've made progress. It's going to take time to get everything under control. I even started focusing on writing. I finished a short story to submit to a literary journal and all that is left is editing and sending it off. I've gotten some good feedback on it which is nice. I am fully prepared for it not being accepted, realistically I'm not even sure if it's the kind of thing they are looking for. The point is that I'm writing and trying to get published.

In knitting news, the cabled scarf is done, all I need to do is block it and then take some pictures of my beautiful best friend wearing it. I'll post them once I do! Now I'm on to my little godson's pirate beanie. It should be a quick knit.

so there's a quick update on everything. I'll try to get a more daily streak going. It's definitely more interesting than occasional updates!

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