Thursday, December 27, 2007
I usually don't make New Years resolutions but this year I think I will. Largely because of NaNoWriYe and Ravelry.


#1 Write, not occasionaly, a lot! I have a five book series that I'm determined to get published.
#2 Knit, be more consistent about knitting time and get some serious projects from my queue done(this includes stockings and Christmas presents that I've decided to make starting now and presenting them as I finish them. Hey, better late than never right??)
#3 Lose 30 lbs and get a celebratory knitting tattoo much like this one (but unique of course)-

That's it. I figure keeping it simple will make it more attainable right? Yeah, I'm skeptical too but these are things I really want/need to do. Especially the losing weight. I have one wedding in April and another in June that I'm in and I NEED to be in shape. I lost 40lbs after Rion was born so I'm pretty sure this is doable. I just have to get into the swing of it and then I'm golden. Easier said than done...blech. Although not having any cute clothes is helping push my incentive a bit.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
I actually have some knitting to show you! Lots of little stuff and some progress on the Circle Sunrise Jacket.

First off are the garter stitch scarves I wipped up for the boys.

Then comes the eye patch for Rashawn, I just winged it so it came out kinda big but he loved it anyway.

And the last of the knitted Christmas presents happen to be my first knitted toys.

A peep for Rion our duck obsessed 2 yr old. He said duck and started quacking when he opened it!

And a little red elephant for Rayden since he's always asking me to make elephant sounds.

The boys had fun this Christmas. They got a lot of stuff they loved AND we didn't spend very much money. One of the best things we got was Rashawn's Power Rangers play outfit for $10. He loved it and put it on immediately.

Oh and just for the cuteness of it here's a pic of the three in their Christmas PJs :)

Okay so here's my progress on the CSJ.

I'm soooo loving it and so far it looks like it'll fit just fine, but we'll see once it's totally done. if it's too small I won't frog until I've lost all the weight I plan on losing before the two weddings I'm in this "summer" (april and june).

As far as my next project goes I'm definitely doing Jeanie.

Tata for now!

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Friday, December 7, 2007
Alas, I nixed getting the stockings done before Christmas. I decided to make the boys some presents instead. I'll just suck it up and buy some big fuzzy ones for this year or something. So far I have a scarf for each of the two olders boys and probably a third of the little one's done. I'll post pics after christmas so I can make them model them.

Sooooo...the new Knitty is up and it's the best one yet in my opinion. I'm in love with most of the patterns. Here are my picks that I immediately put in my queue on Ravelry.



Square Cake
(I plan on making this in black for those gussied up moments)




Toasty topper
(for my godson Zander who is due to arrive on the 17th! Can't wait!)

And last but best of all


I wore my Lady Eleanore to a funeral a few weeks ago and got a lot of compliments and got over my fear of actually wearing a shawl out and about. So Jeanie is definitely getting made and will be worn often. I want to make it in a colorway that is easily worn with pretty much anything. it's going to be hard to turn away from Smooshy in these colors though.

Chinatown Apple


Cloud Jungle

Petal Shower

Cocoa kiss

Maybe I'll just choose my favorite and make another one in another yarn that's straight black or something. I dunno. Miss Violet mentioned using Raven on the L&V forum on Ravelry.

Maybe Korppi

Whatever I use at least i know it'll be beautiful no matter what.

Okay back to christmas. I made an advent wreath with my mom. It's a tradition to get together after Thanksgiving and make real advent wreaths. I always tend to go simple with mine but I always love them.

Sorry there isn't a ton of WIP action in this blog. I'm still working on the Circle Sunrise Jacket. I'll finish it once I get the kids' presents figured out. I also have a hooked rug project from long ago that's nearly finished. Actually I have a bunch that I hooked and never finished the edges, thus taking up knitting and leaving that craft behind. I'm not so good at finishing other crafting projects, unlike knitting where I already have everything I need I just bind off, weave in some ends, and possibly sew some seams. With other crafts you have to do finishing work with extra tools and such. Maybe this doesn't make sense to anyone else but it does to me. So anyway I have this tree skirt that I figured I'd just glue down the edges with craft glue and get it over with. Especially since it is Christmas. I do have a tree that is a bit barren at the bottom. Might as well actually finish off the several year old project.

Okay this post is long enough. I'm done rambling :)

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