Monday, April 16, 2007
This past weekend was A-MAZE-ING! Trully trully fabulous. Friday night was my best friend's wedding shower, where I gave her the garter from the previous post. She liked it and I got applause from the whole room, which to me was just silly but nice all the same. We had a ton of fun that night with lots of resisting another fantastic pina colada. The best wedding shower I've been to yet. Saturday wasn't super eventful but Sunday was what made the weekend fantastic to the max.
We made it to St Louis (St. Charles if you want to be technical about it) by 1pm after a six hour drive. I got some decent knitting done.

So did Andy!

And we saw a few humorous bilboards along the way.

When we got there we found the arena and then made our way to the first yarn store stop.

Honestly it was a cute little store but not much in variety of yarns. It might has well have been named Cascade Land. It seemed 3/4 of the store was just that brand of yarn. A little disappointing. They did have Addi Turbo circulars, but I resisted buying them due to low funding and wanting to support my own LYS. To be fair, the store only opened last month but if it had been me I would have started with a bit more variety. It was in a very cute little historical section of the city though!

Then we started toward the next yarn store to see if it could be a little more satisfying. On the way we saw a

Now up here where we habitat there is no such thing as the wonderfully scrumptious Jack-in-the-Box so we had to stop and get a bite, especially since we hadn't eaten lunch yet. And of course we had the resposibility to call our good friend and fellow knitter, J.R. who was back in good old Bellevue, to let him know we were eating at one of his favorite places. I won't repeat his response to us although it was said lovingly...I think.
I very much enjoyed the meal there (the fajita chicken pita meal).

I can only hope a Jack-in-the-Box should magically appear in our area. Not likely I know. Lucky southerners.

So we finish our meals and drive down the street to Artistic Needles which just by the look of the outside was promising. Unfortunately this was as far as I got.

I was disappointed but was still excited about the show to come so it wasn't so bad. Besides, this way I didn't spend all my money!

The show, TNA Lockdown Pay-per-view, was AMAZING! Our seats were literally the best in the arena, front row right between the announcer box and the entrance to the ring. We shook hands with tons of the TV personalities and wrestlers, two of the women's division (Gail Kim and Miss Jackie) ended up in Hubby's lap (I don't think he was too disappointed ;P ), one of the rather larger wrestlers (Rhino) ended up on top of me, we were given mints by SoCal Val, and last but definitely not least our good friend Andy was insulted, spit on, had his mother called a w****, and even had a swing taken at him all by big name wrestlers!! It was the most fun I think I've had! The DVD is out sometime in August and you can bet Hubby, me, and Andy will all be first in line to pick it up, seeing as though we'll be on it at least a littler bit. Especially when the wrestlers fell on us. Oh yeah, and the biggest move of the night happened right in front of us, like a foot maybe two away! AJ Styles fell off the top of the steel cage and landed on 4 or 5 other guys right there. It was awesome. I got lots of pictures so go to my flickr set and check them out if you like! Here's one of me and Hubby after the show in front of the ring.

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Friday, April 13, 2007
Hi, my name is Elyse and I'm a sock addict. It started innocently enough with just the Jaywalker pattern.

I had been warned that sock knitting was addictive and at first I resisted the peer pressure. All those sock pushers saying "try it, try it."(Sara) I even bought some yarn but was too afraid to cast on. Then I finally gave in. I told myself it was just once. I can handle it.

I couldn't. Now my Etsy favorites is full of sock yarn and my Amazon is full of sock pattern books. But it's okay, I know I'm addicted but it isn't affecting my life yet so I'll be fine. I just won't let it get out of hand. What do you mean I'm in denile? I am not. It's fine, I'm fine. So what if I knitted in church for the first time last week? I wasn't hurting anyone. No one really even saw me...I don't think. You know what, why don't you just leave me alone!? It's none of your business anyway!

Sorry about that. Maybe I do have a problem. But honestly, I don't really want to kick the habit. Sock knitting is just just feels soooooo good. Sigh, there's just one problem.

Bamboo size 1s.

Not a good choice. They broke. I love bamboo usually but I guess when it gets thinner it's not so good. Maybe Rosewood or Surina? I must have them soon. Not finishing the socks is killing me! I know it's withdrawl okay! Didn't I tell you to leave me alone about this?

Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I promise I won't yell again.

Let's just talk about something else for now, okay?

I made this garter for my best friend.

She's getting married next month. It's from the Lily Chin Wedding Collection. I LOVED how it came out. Quite possibly the prettiest thing I've knitted. Granted I've only been knitting for a few years. It's still a really pretty pattern though. I had fun with sewing the beads on too. I was a little disappointed the beads weren't knitted into it because I wanted to try that technique but it looks nice so no biggie.

In other knitting news, Hubby and I are driving to St Louis for a TNA pay-per-view on Sunday. There's a yarn shop not too far from the Auditorium so hopefully I can make it by before the show stars. Even if I don't, the drive is six hours each way so I'll for sure have some knitting to show for it next week. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get Andy (He's the guy in the middle with the fun facial hair) from the knitting group to work on something. Quite possibly I'll be able to talk him into learning how to purl, FINALLY! We shall see.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007
What a horrible blogger I am! It's been far too long, I'm so sorry. Well, I am back to the blogging world. My absence was due to some strenuating circumstances. Don't worry, they aren't bad, just stressful. We're planning on moving soon, just to a new place in the same town. We are currently working out the budget and me getting an overnight job with UPS. The job end of things is looking good. I had my second interview last week and the interview said it was basically a formality and I would probably get a call next week about starting the following Monday. It's a month long hiring process because they only hire every other week. This would be my third week in the process so hopefully, if all goes well, I will have a new job next week!

So to the knitting, the Lady is finished! And here are the horded (until now) pics. I used Hubby's camera phone so they're a bit fuzzy.

I have also decided that I am not a spinner. I will be sticking to the knitting I think. At least I can get in on a spinning class of some sort. Glad I didn't hock over a few hundred for a wheel just yet. Here's what I did accomplish.

Don't be fooled, the horrible parts are neatly hidden on the inside of the ball. I am too much of a perfectionist for spinning I think. I trully love hand dyed and hand painted mill spun yarns so that may need to be my next endeavor.

Okay, after such a long break I should have had tons to blog. I'll be honest, I do. but I've been so lazy about taking pictures. Sigh. I'll try to do better for the next post, I promise. Yeah, I know my promises aren't giving you much confidence in me so far are they? At least I'm still knitting!

Side note- check out this ebay auction! It's insanity!

Here's a picture of my adorable nephew born last week. When failing to deliver quality knitting pictures just give them a cute baby to look at and all will be well!

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