Saturday, February 24, 2007
The Lady Eleanor is still going strong, and I'm still love love loving it. But I have one teensy weensy problem.

Confused why this is a problem? Because I WANT TO CAST ON!!! I need to hide this yarn from my sight until I'm done with the Lady. I picked up the DPNs I needed from String of Purls so now I just have to keep talking myself out of starting the Jaywalkers every time I see the yarn. Sigh. At least my current project is a good one that I adore.

Speaking of String of Purls, I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS STORE! the day I got the DPNs was the first time I actually got to sit and knit. It was also the first time it was busy because I usually go during the slow hours. A friend of mine (who wanted to learn to knit), Kara, enjoyed our time so much that we decided we're going to spend ALL Saturday there once a month. It was nice being surrounded by so many other women and we all felt instantly like friends. It was not at all hard to strike up a conversation. One girl had this awesome spiral ribbed hat and she gave me her blog site address for when she posts the pattern. Unfortunately I typed it in and all I got was an error. So if anyone can find somewhere similar to and it might be her, let me know! I'm storing in the back of my mind the dream of working at the store in a few years when all the boys are in school. Yeah, I know, fat chance. But it would be wonderful.

In ending I leave you with words of wisdom from Mr. T, this goes out to all my male knitting buddies.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
But I love Hubby more for buying it for me!

My birthday present, Noro Silk Garden colorway 205. I heart this yarn more than I've ever hearted a yarn before. It's sooooo pretty. Now what will it be used for you ask? Why the Lady Eleanor Stole from ScarfStyle of course! Here it is in the works.

I'm so excited about this project. It's the most addictive project I've done. I literally have to talk myself out of working on it so I can do motherly and household responsibilities. The Entrelac is a lot easier to do than I expected. Minus the first night I tried to start while I was tired and got a mangled mess. Somehow I can manage to get a pattern completely wrong multiple times despite carefully counting and redoing, just by being tired. The next day I tried again and it was perfect the first time. Apparently I've reached the point in my knitting skills where I can knit tired but not start a project tired. Although I made a few too many mistakes last night while knitting too. Hmmm...let's go back to saying I can't knit while tired, or better yet I can knit but not well while tired.

I'm also working on some dishcloths for my mom's birthday. I have four done so far. Two are from the monthly dishcloth KAL and the other two are the Tried and True Dishcloth pattern from Click on the pictures for a closer look, they're a little hard to see.

I plan on working up another two from the last ball of yarn. Mom's going to really like them I think. Okay so I already know she will because I showed them to her. Hubby wants to get her something else too so it should be a good birthday for her. Just because I knit her some washcloths.


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
New post coming soon I promise! Last weekend was the GWR Sunshine Foundation Summit on Autism and my birthday plus I haven't had access to a computer when I have had time to blog. One will be coming soon though!!!

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Saturday, February 3, 2007
I've been researching some yarns lately(in other words looking at reviews) and everyone seems to be complaining about having to pick out vegetation from yarns. So I'm just gonna come out and say it right now. I LOVE finding vegetation in yarn. Weird? Probably. But I have an explanation for it, unlike so many of my other "quirks". When I come across a peice of whatever they may be (I'm assuming it's straw or grass) it reminds me of where the yarn originated. It somehow connects me, or rather makes me feel connected to the sheep that this little peice of earth got stuck to. It makes me thank God for having created such a wonderful animal that would provide millions with this little piece of heaven called knitting. Okay, so maybe there won't be knitting in heaven but as far as I'm concerned knitting sure is heavenly! Doesn't finding those little bits just make you want to hug a sheep? Or maybe, at least, adopt one from Australia. I have to keep telling myself that I will not be able to have a pet sheep from which I can make my own yarn. Yes, yes I know there are those who do, but I'm not sure it's allowed within my city's limits. Sigh. I'll just have to settle for adoption and picking sticks out of my yarn.

In other news, I got another UFO off the needles. The Breast Cancer Blanket that I've decide is more of the Breast Cancer Diamond. It's not quite as square as I would have liked but oh well. I would block it but honestly I'm letting the lazyknitteritis over come me with this one. It'll do the job and it still came out pretty, no?

If you click on the picture you get a much better view.

Now I have to focus on my projects that have the deadline curse on them. One is due for mid-April I believe (still don't have that date confirmed yet). Then two others are due for mid-May. I still have a few months yes, but the bad thing is all three are blankets. not baby blankets mind you, full size afghans. Two have intarsia which won't be so bad I suppose, then the other is the twin tress afghan from this post. It's such a bummer because I have some really exciting projects I want to work on for myself but being the kind hearted selfless person that I am (that was dripping with sarcasm by the way) I will put those aside for the afghans. Two of them are gifts from me, so that's my own doing. The other I'm making for someone I've gone to church with for years. It's actually for her husband. She asked me to make it for her to give to her husband. I'm crossing my fingers that when I'm done I'll get some compensation for my time. (And that she's not reading this, haha) I know she'll reimburse me for the yarn, but we haven't talked at all about anything past that. We'll have to see how it all unfolds. After this though, I'll be charging at least $100 on top of the yarn cost. After all, it isn't like I'm sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do. Three little boys are pretty time consuming and that's before you throw Autism into the mix. I won't let it get out of hand though. I want knitting to stay enjoyable and I want to be able to knit for myself occasionally(or a lot ;P). Well, cross your fingers with me will you? Or better yet say a prayer or two!


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Friday, February 2, 2007
The Knucks are done! Hubby loves them.

Let me just explain the embroidery on them for those not aware of the goings on of the pro wrestling and card gaming worlds. The words WORD LIFE are a gimmick used by this guy.

The heavy weight champion on WWE (formerly known as WWF). We've been big fans of his for some time.

The embroidery on the back of the gloves is the logo for the card game my husband plays called VS System (vs as in versus).

I made them so when he plays said card game his hands won't be cold. He plays in a lot of big tournaments and being nervous makes your hands cold. Voila, the knitting wife fixes the problem!

Now moving on to some UFOs that are desperate for some attention.

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