Monday, February 11, 2008
So my birthday was on Saturday and it was awesome. I got up in the morning with the boys since I didn't work the night before and we just hung out and cuddle all morning. Then Hubs and I went to see Phantom of the Opera at 2pm and The Orpheum. It was awesome! So awesome that I'm seriously contemplating recruiting someone from Ravelry to go with me so I can go again. It was that good. Granted I can't rationalize the full price tickets($68) and the seats will more than suck but whatever. I love the show so much it'd still be more than worth the $30 price for gallery seating, which is the floor directly in front of the stage. If you know anything about theatre you know that those seats are really crappy. Especially since the only ones available are far left or right. Ack. Like I said before though it'd still be worth it!

Anyway after the show I bought this shirt.

and the back

It was super overpriced at $35 but I knew I wouldn't find it again and it's just so freaking cute!

After the show Hubs took me to dinner at our fav restaurant and then we went home and hung out with our friends and my Godson. Cute no?

I love that boy.

So yeah, that was my actual birthday and then Sunday I celebrated it with my family. Mom made this super cute cake for me. Ignore the pretzel fish in the middle, that was courtesy of the 5yr old :)

The knitting needles have the cute kitties on top, which was a joke because my family used to tease me about acting like a cat when I was little. the other "ball of yarn" had a gift card to Michaels in it. I'm totally getting some Patons SWS with it. I've wanted some for a while but always ended up choosing to spend my money on something else. Not completely sure what I'll make yet.

When I got home from my parents we had people over to watch the TNA pay-per-view and Andy gave me the UFC 74 Respect DVD.

Holy crap I LOVE it!! It has my favorite fighter, Roger Huerta, on it in my fav fight where he uses the big screens in the arena to see the guy who has him in a hold from behind. He just keeps watching the screen and hitting the guy in head. Poor guy didn't have a chance. It also has Couture's last fight before retiring on it. It's also the fight that made me seriously respect him. (I'm fairly new to watching UFC) Plus the dvd has Georges St Pierre, another fav of mine, on it too. Last year Andy got me an Inuyasha movie. He knows me so well.

The weekend had a wonderful end with some more godson cuddling :)

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