Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Well it's 2008! I know I posted some resolutions in the last post but I stumbled upon the 101 in 1001 since then. I made up a rough draft and I'll post a link in the sidebar to the official breakdown and a blog where I'll explain some of the things on the list in the first post. My start date is today so my end date will be Sept 28, 2010. So here goes my 101!

1 knit harry potter stuff(at least 5 projects)
2 potty train Rayden
3 Potty Train Rion
4 knit 2 shawls
5 knit 3 sweaters/jacket
6 write 1st book in fantasy series
7 submit book to publishing company
8 design a knitting pattern
9 treat hubby to a candlelight dinner
10 knit a sweater for Hubby
11 re-knit Hubby's knucks
12 start an art journal
13 go letterboxing with Dad at least 10 times
14 finish 10 things on my Ravelry queue
15 fill out Rion's baby book
16 fill out Rayden's baby book
17 knit 3 pairs of socks
18 lose 30 lbs
19 wear "the dress" on a fancy date with Hubby
20 get 20 recipes from Mom
21 knit christmas presents for mom, dad, ian and megan, and erik by dec 08
22 read 200 new books to the boys
23 read one complete children's book series to the boys
24 take at least 1 college course
25 make 500 entries in my journal
26 make 120 blog entries
27 do 40 mins of yoga 200 times
28 record a cd
29 get celebratory knitting tattoo (for losing weight)
30 get "tramp stamp" tattoo
31 go to 2 knitting/wool events
32 get second car
33 get Corgi puppy and name him Dobby
34 teach Rashawn how to knit
35 upload complete stash to Ravelry
36 knit at least one VERY lacey item
37 start and finish Wedding Afghan
38 frame and hang all posters
39 knit christmas stockings
40 go on Old Market date with Hubby including horse drawn carriage ride
41 join one sock knitting club (i.e. Socks that Rock)
42 reread Harry Potter books
43 try project 365
44 knit lampshades
45 quit my job(when mike graduates of course!)
46 be in Lincoln Trailer at work every night (not based on whether the new guy is there or not)
47 get 2000 package scans in one night at work
48 try a papaya
49 sing in church
50 get bump on leg removed
51 go on road/plane trip with Hubby
52 get Ryobi radio for work
53 go to membership 101 class and join the church
54 try an Avocado
55 start writing a fiction novel based on my life
56 whiten my teeth and be better about brushing/flossing
57 get rid of full size bed and set up queen size
58 convince Hubby to let me get a guinea pig to tide me over until I can get Dobby
59 knit pirate sweater for Zander
60 pull crib down
61 reteach Ashley to knit
62 get engagement ring fixed
63 finally send my sockpal her package (I'm the worst ever!)
64 send out non-Christmas cards
65 buy Socks that Rock yarn
66 Do something special for Mike for 5 yr Anniversary
67 read at least one book along with a book club (preferrably a knitting book club)
68 pay my library fines :(
69 dye hair black with pink streaks
70 read Koga Ninja Scrolls
71 finish Jaywalkers
72 knit MJB Hat
73 go to at least one concert with Hubby
74 play through at least one full Wii game
75 make Hubby an air force blanket
76 get Starz onDemand
77 get 5k missort rate at work for one month
78 do photoshoot for Hubby after losing weight
79 rewatch Smallville seasons
80 buy at least 4 skeins of sock yarn w/o having a pattern in mind
81 buy three knitting related shirts (tee,hoodie, or otherwise)
82 go horseback riding
83 meet at least one of the LimenViolet podcasters (this includes Carin)
84 lose 5 lbs
85 lose 10 lbs
86 lose 15 lbs
87 lose 20 lbs
88 lose 25 lbs
89 Buy Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke
90 make tooth fairy pillows for the boys
91 read and/or watch The Namesake
92 read and/or watch I Am Legend
93 find thick/thin pattern for Giboulees yarn
94 knit up Giboulees yarn
95 get back into Bible Studies
96 find new background for computer
97 buy warioware for the Wii
98 overcome stage "nervousness" (it isn't quite stage "fright" but it's still a hindrance)
99 Get Avatar: The Last Airbender seasons (however many they release in the next couple years plus)
100 start taking prenatal vitamins for an overall health boost
101 make new list

As far as knitting goes I'm working on my own pattern for this hat!

I'll hopefully finish the hat in the next few days and sooner or later I'll put the pattern up. I'm super excited about this because I've never made my own pattern before and it's going way better than expected. Well so far anyway!

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