Thursday, November 8, 2007
Ummmmm, sooooo...yeah. I just tried to publish a post I wrote long ago and finally just got to putting pictures on it, but I'm looking at my blog and no post. Weird. Maybe it'll show up later?

Okay so anyway, knitting. I have lots to share! I finished the Jackyll & Hide hat. Here's pics.

After I completed that novelty, I was consumed with Halloween costumes. The boys were Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. I made them with a trip to goodwill and Walmart. They cost me about $40-50 for all three. All it took was a few clothing items, some felt, sewing utencils, a little paint, and face paint. I was sooooooo proud of the finished products! The camera made the different greens on the yoshi costume look more drastic than they really were. They matched pretty well. And yes of course the hat is knitted. The spikes are just felt sewn on to it though.

Now that Halloween has passed I've moved back to knitting full-time. I started a new project. I had bought 12 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in plans to make a Klaralund. I recently decided that the Klaralund would probably not be so flattering on me. (Side note- I figure that out through my many recent adventures on Ravelry, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that site!!) So I browsed some other patterns and stumbled on this beaut.

It's actually the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Webknits but done in NSG, which I love! I probably wouldn't have done this jacket for it's original look. I just fell in love with this version of it though! And thank god Jench1n included her modifications of the pattern in her pattern notes. Thanks girl! I actually read that her modification said she frogged back to her decreases and redid them so the neckline would be tighter. So I'm totally bummed because I'm well past halfway on the back and I'm convinced I have to frog all the way back. But when I took a closer look I realized she frogged to the RAGLAN decreases which I hadn't gotten to yet. YAY! I was sooooo glad to realize I didn't have to frog my 4-5hrs of knitted beauty I worked up the same day. So I'm happily knitting my jacket and totally enjoying it. Here's a peek at the colorway and my early progress!

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