Sunday, January 20, 2008
The Circle Sunrise Jacket is almost done. It's all seamed and fits! Now all that's left is about 1/2 the hem line on the Jacket and sleeves. If I finish it today I'll try to get some pics. Crosses Fingers. I'm soooo ready to finish this. I want to try and get a Calorimetry out of the left overs but after seeing how much yarn I'm using in the finishing stage I'm doubtful. Actually I'm quite surprised how much seaming I've done in the past couple days considering the "Stupid Stomach Suckness" that has invaded my home. First it was Rashawn on Friday morning. Luckily he was done puking well before the time came for the Hubs and I to go out and celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Yeah! 5yrs and we still can't get enough of each other. More about the Anny later. So Rashawn was fine after sleeping it off. Poor kid missed his 100th day of school party. Ironically we stayed up the night before trying to get his 100 things poster done since it was due.

(photo to be added later because I stupidly forgot to take a pic before shuffling Rashawn off to school with it)

I was so freakin excited about this. I thought the crayons were a great idea until we finished it and I held it up. Yeah, a hundred crayons isn't exactly light. His teachers are going to hate me.

So the sickness hit me on Saturday morning just as hard as it hit kiddo numero 1. The bug apparently is insistent upon making you puke your innards out for several hours and then when you're so exhausted you pass out you sleep it off and all is well. Okay, well-ish. My midsection still isn't 100%. The tum is still if-y enough that I'm sticking to the gingerale for a bit this morning. Especially after eating Chipotle last night and my stomach really not liking me for it. I can deal with the needing to relax for a bit (oh woe is me ;P) but the feeling like my chest is imploding every time I cough is kinda irking. Poor Rayden got the triple S yesterday just as I had slept it off. Did exactly what Rashawn and I had and then slept all night. He's fine today.

So everyone is fine currently. I'm still in awe of the fact we still got to go out Friday night. It was a fantastic night. First we went to Kobe Steakhouse and had the BEST cook ever! He made a joke about the finely chopped parsley being Japanese marijuana and then put a little mound on my plate and said "Happy Anniversary, Ma'am." Then proceeded to take the paper off my chopsticks and lay on top of the "marijauana" and said "there's some paper but you'll have to forgive me, I left my lighter in the back." It was hilarious. Then near the end of the "cooking experience" he asks if I want some mushrooms. I LOVE mushrooms so I'm like "uh, YEAH." He then asks for one of the waiters to bring him another steak and he makes me a STEAK too. FOR FREE! It was awesome. Steak there is really expensive too. Funny thing is, he was Mexican and I tend to get a lot of attention for them. I know it sounds bad but seriously I do. It happens A LOT. I thought maybe it was because I was blonde but Friday night I had red hair, so guess not. Today my hair is black with strawberry blonde stripes. It was actually an attempt at #78 on the list but the pink didn't really come out as PINK as I wanted but whatev. I'm good, it's cute.

So we also went to see Cloverfield on Friday. SO good. But one HUGE WARNING if you get motion sick EVER then DON'T see this movie in the theater. The count for our theater was close to 30 people who walked out because of feeling sick. It was so bad that the security guard warned us before the movie started. The whole movie is basically this guy filming mass hysteria. Sounds lame but it was AMAZING. I was one of the sickies and I still LOVED it. I can't wait until until it comes out on video and I can actually watch the entire movie.

Next post should have some new yarny goodness in it. I ordered some Socks That Rock in the Raven Clan Valkyrie. Unfortunately is was delivered to the main office for our apartments on friday and considering the puking I didn't get to pick it up yet. Why in the world wouldn't they be open on the weekends? Don't they know people need their yarn?? I also ordered yarn from TheDyeingArts and CrashIntoEwe on Etsy. Mmmmmmm....

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