Friday, February 1, 2008
So. Um. Pinkeye. Is. Um. THE SUCK!!!!!! Three boys 5,4,and 2 yrs of age + Pink eye + eyedrops 4 times a day - mommy's 3 hr daily nap she so desperately needs = a knitting day because I seriously need to mentally escape the craziness that is Pinkeye.

Okay so I'm whining, and not all too seriously actually. I'm in a super good mood today after my 2 hrs of sleep(two days a week I get up with the kids at 6:30am after working from 11pm to 3:30am, it's fun let me assure you). We'll see how long the mood stays happy, especially when it comes time for the much needed nap that is not going to happen today. Usually Rashawn and Rayden are at school so I can force a nap on Rion for a few hours. I've tried forcing a nap on the three of them the past couple days but after a freak tornado went rampant through their room unexplainably yesterday, while they were still in there (it's amazing they weren't hurt really) I've decided that isn't such a good idea. Really, I may take a picture of the aftermath just to show you how devastating this freak tornado really was. It was a learning experience though. I never knew how remarkably close the rushing winds of a tornado sounded to three children pretending to be Power Rangers. Come to think of it, tornadoes and children sure do have a lot in common.

So anyway, today will be my Jeanie Day of DESTRUCTION. I'm going to pummel that pattern. It may have defeated me in the last 6 fights (ahem in the first round ahem) but I will prevail! I'm like the Rocky of the knitting world. I may be an underdog but my determination will win out in the end or I'll die trying. I can hear the crowds chanting my name already. Flit-knit, Flit-knit, Flit-knit. You're going down Jeanie.

I wish I could pummel pinkeye.

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