Saturday, February 24, 2007
The Lady Eleanor is still going strong, and I'm still love love loving it. But I have one teensy weensy problem.

Confused why this is a problem? Because I WANT TO CAST ON!!! I need to hide this yarn from my sight until I'm done with the Lady. I picked up the DPNs I needed from String of Purls so now I just have to keep talking myself out of starting the Jaywalkers every time I see the yarn. Sigh. At least my current project is a good one that I adore.

Speaking of String of Purls, I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS STORE! the day I got the DPNs was the first time I actually got to sit and knit. It was also the first time it was busy because I usually go during the slow hours. A friend of mine (who wanted to learn to knit), Kara, enjoyed our time so much that we decided we're going to spend ALL Saturday there once a month. It was nice being surrounded by so many other women and we all felt instantly like friends. It was not at all hard to strike up a conversation. One girl had this awesome spiral ribbed hat and she gave me her blog site address for when she posts the pattern. Unfortunately I typed it in and all I got was an error. So if anyone can find somewhere similar to and it might be her, let me know! I'm storing in the back of my mind the dream of working at the store in a few years when all the boys are in school. Yeah, I know, fat chance. But it would be wonderful.

In ending I leave you with words of wisdom from Mr. T, this goes out to all my male knitting buddies.

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At February 24, 2007 at 10:01:00 PM CST, Anonymous Sara said........
You should be happy to know that I did buy bamboos today in sizes 4-6. But I had to get aluminum 2 and 3 because they didn't have bamboos in that size. I'm really tempted to start the maternity T-shirt... I will help you keep on the noro project if you help me keep on the baby afghan!

At February 25, 2007 at 8:32:00 AM CST, Blogger crissy said........
i have yarn here screaming to be used too have some black for hubbys sweater. i think i have waited long enough for the 10 skiens he ordered two months ago at the lys. you would think they would have arrived by now but not. thank god we didnt pay for them. so i think its time to stop the ordering from them and just shop on line. i tend to get what i order alot faster that way. heck our lys dont even have a web site LOL in the 2 months i have waited for the yarn to come in i have gotten two books and a set of felting needles off line and a pc program LOL in record time too.
meanwhile i keep walking past the yarn i want to use for his sweater too. i know how you feel i feel your pain :)