Friday, January 19, 2007
A happy dance is occuring as we speak. Why, you ask? YARN OF COURSE! Possibly my most favorite blogger, Alison of The Blue Blog, just had a yarn sale to "make room for baby" as she put it. I had my eye on the 13 skeins of Phildar Giboulees.

$40 for 13 skeins! It's a discontinued yarn too! Only thing now is finding the perfect sweater pattern. I may just redo the one I made before I lost weight though. I loved that sweater.

The Red Scarf Project was finished a few days ago. Okay not the actual Red Scarf Project, just my contribution to it. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a ruined peice of unrecognizable mess. It actually came out to the right deminsions and everything! Maybe winging it isn't always so disastrous after all...

Rashawn being my little model :)

Finally received the sz 4 double-pointed bamboos I had been waiting for and cast on the Knucks immediately.

Sorry the pic is so blurry, I need a better camera. The Knucks look so comfortable from just the little bit I've knitted so far. I can't wait to finish them for Hubby. He's excited about these so that makes me really excited. It'll be my first official knit for him, and I'm pretty sure it'll be the first of many. I already have something else I plan on making him that he said would be awesome, but that will be in a future post. I think I'll make another pair of knucks for myself after I get some other UFOs off the needles. And of course what else would I put on them except DIVA KNIT. Or should I put DIVA KNTR, I don't know I kinda like that one better.

I just keep adding and adding to my work-in-progress pile. When will it ever end? Hopefully never :) I'll be off now. Hopefully to finish some projects!


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