Thursday, December 21, 2006
I don't have a ton of updating to do because I haven't made it up to the yarn shop for some new bamboos yet. I will for sure after Christmas. All gift money goes straight to knitting supplies of course!! So after this weekend I will be forcing my way to the yarn shop, by whatever means possible.
The Bruce Lee throw is coming along. I've gotten past the 39 stockinette rows + 5 garter stitch, for border, and made my way into the actual chart. My next row is the beginning of intarsia and I'm DYING to get into it. But alas, of course, life gets in the way, as my bottom lip juts out theatrically. Yes, I am pouting, and look remarkably like my three sons whenever they don't get their way. I woke this morning and the first thing I thought of was intarsia and my longing for it. If you are not a knitter I expect there was a comment or facial expression that had something to do with thinking I'm insane which likely was exuberated following that last sentence. Yes, I am, like so many others, afflicted with the Obessessive Compulsion know as Knitmania. With that said, not much has been on my mind, after forcing myself to undertake the common chores of a stay-at-home mom. Okay, so I did take some time to cuddle with my boys. Although I may be obsessed, my love for my family has the power to override my knitmania, thankfully, or I might've been to blame for the desinitegration of a marriage and happy family all do to knitting.
Okay, I'm getting off track, back to the throw. I'm completely loving it and unlike many of my first-time endeavors, I'm extremely excited and anxious to get into the intarsia, as previously mentioned. I'm very happy that the chart has sections of white instead of being all spread out. This way I can have a few bobbins going at a time and not have to freak out over tangled yarn everywhere. I've had my fill of untangling knots for the next year, in the past couple weeks.
Okay so in my excitment for intarsia, I decided to finally check out this that everyone is screeching about. Here's my reaction to the site-


Yep that was a screech, I've been screechified. In all seriousness, it really is a wonderful site. I watched the video on intarsia and it was soooooo helpful. I usually succomb to my lazyknitteritis, and end up attempting to do things without really being knowledgeable about them first. Except when it comes to felting, THAT scares the geebelees out of me. I've even knitted up a cute little bag and have yet to actually throw it in the washer despite having read and watched several different sources on felting. This is what it has looked like for the past six months at least-

I'm just too scared. Maybe if I promise you all I'll do it soon, the peer pressure will give me some bravery. So here goes- I, the Divaknitter, solemly swear to attempt felting my bag by the New Year.
Wait I was talking about and intarsia, how do I let myself get so distracted? Knitting does it to you, I think. You know, like when you have this project you're really into and then suddenly you spot the legwarmers in the Knit.1 TV issue and somehow they appear on your needles and become your fifty billionth project in the works. Yes, like that. Now, back to intarsia and my lazyknitteritis. I actually considered just trying intarsia without looking it up anywhere. It really is a sickness, I swear. But a miracle has appeared in the form of It is WONDERFUL! The exact cure needed for the common knitter plagued by the seemingly uncureable lazyknitteritis. I watched one little ten minute video and whammo, I know exactly what I'm doing now! So check the site out. I'll put the link in the links list too just for you. Enjoy.

I must go finish christmas letters so I can finally get to my intarsia. If I don't get a chance to say it in the next few days-Merry Christmas!!


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