Thursday, December 14, 2006
So I'm surfing my fellow knitting bloggers' pages and I'm having a fine good time. I discover a new blog, well new to me she's been around for a while. Anyway her blog is quite interesting and I'm very excited to be reading it because she does patterns for Knit.1 my all time favorite knitting mag. What a dream job! So I'm reading and she has one post about traffic on her site spiking unusually, which most of us accredit to her awesomeness. But some mentioned "hotlinking" could lead to this. Being a new-to-blogging and self-taught HTML user (I have had to edit the actual template using html because bloggerbeta doesn't support the skin I used) I had no idea what hotlinking was. And what do you do when you don't know what something is? Google it of course! So I do and a very informational page pops up. As I'm reading the evils of hotlinking, it dawns on me that I have unknowingly taken part in this rather rude and ultimately un-nice practice. I have since gone through all my links and posts that had hotlinked pictures and saved a copy to my computer, uploaded it to facebook, and replaced the source url.
There were two reasons for this post. One, to maybe bring it to the attention to some people who may not be aware of hotlinking or that they are doing it. And two, to publically apologize to those I was unknowingly stealing bandwidth from, whether they were aware of it or not. So here they are.

My apologies to-

Christian Women Online
(I would have a better name for it but I can't read German)

My biggest apologies I would like to extend to Knitting Wench and because I feel I probably was wronging those sites the most. I actually took a picture straight off these blogs (the pumpkin head picture and KnitLites picture) and hotlinked them. My most sincere apologies to them.

So in other news...

I'm currently working on 3 projects. Yeah, I know, only three. But I do have two or three that need to be started so it isn't so bad...Anyway, you already know of two of the projects, the breast Cancer Blanket and the double-knitted baby blanket from long ago. Remember? The attack of the needle-killer one year old? Yeah so I finally gave up on making it out to the knitting store (30 mins away) to get those bamboos I so want. I ended up getting the same old, same old from the dreaded Walmart. I know, it was a moment of weakness. I promise I'll still get the bamboos from the other place...eventually.
So I make it home at about 12 am last night with my new knitting needles and decide to go ahead and transfer the blanket onto them so the stitches won't fall off the ruined cord once again.I swear I've picked up those same stitched 20 times. Not really, but I didn't want to have to do it again regardless. That's when I realized that the needles I had just bought were about a half a size smaller than the ones I had used for the blanket. I swear I used 10 1/2s, but no, they were 11s. Sigh. I don't think I'm patient enough to wait so I'll just take the slight change in gauge. I mean it's just a blanket right? How much could just half a size show? Don't tell me, I know it's wishful hoping. I'm sure I'll do a few rows and then end up frogging them and buying those bamboos after all. Which means I contributed to the evils of Walmart for nothing. Wow, I've been taking part in a lot of "evil" lately huh?
Oh right, you're still wondering what that third project was. Well, I bought these new jeans that I was super excited about because they're a size 15 in Juniors. JUNIORS!! Four or five months ago I was a size 18 misses. To say the least I'm extremely happy especially because I got them at Kohl's for $15 each, can't beat that! Well after wearing them around for a few hours they are completely falling off. I mean FALLING OFF. I don't think I'm quite to a size smaller. I hate being inbetween sizes, but I always am. So I need a belt. And of course, why buy when you can knit?! So I'm making a belt using the cast on method they did on KnittyGritty but I think I'll design my own for the rest of it. Of course there will be pictures to come! Sorry I'm lacking on the pictures in this post, but please enjoy the managerie of linkage!


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