Monday, December 4, 2006
After way too many set backs for a super easy pattern (not at the fault of the author), the clutch purse is finito (have you noticed I like to make boring words more interesting?). I actually almost scrapped the whole project because it just didn't seem to be coming together. First I couldn't get the gauge to match the first front panel I did a while back. I've come to the conclusion that the skein I had ordered online was quite a bit different than any other Bernat Softee Chunky I had or probably ever will purchase. It was a bit thinner and had a sheen to it that knitted just beautifully, but of course was no where close to the same gauge as the front. I finally just decided to double strand and reknit the front after I finished the back. For some reason I thought I could go to the store (they finally restocked their yarn)`and get another skein and have it be the same as the internet skein. Silly me. It ended up being just like the skein used for the first front panel. Oh well, I needed to reknit the front just the same because I had switched to double stranding(just using two strings of yarn instead of one) because I liked the thickness. After I finished and had peiced the two panels together, I was severely unhappy. It just wasn't what I was hoping for. With a sigh I decided that maybe the embellishment might help my prejudice against it. This was the result.

It's amazing what a simple free hand backstitching can do for finishing a project!! The whole look of the bag changed and instead of wanting to shove it in a drawer and forget it ever existed, I can't wait to use it on our anniversary. Now the only step left is to lose that last 20lbs so I look fantabulous(there it is again) in the dress I have picked out. Actually the dress has some history but that's a whole different post. OOoooooh, cliffhanger!

I'm very excited and pleased to say that I believe my charity group PrayerKnits is about to get underway. The basic jist of it is we pray and knit for people going through a rough time. It's just like the Prayer Shawl Ministry. The difference is that we switch-up the things we knit for people. It can be anything from a shawl or blanket to a pair of mittens or a teddy bear for a child. It'll be starting out really small but that's how most things start right? I hope to set up a website soon where people from all over can get involved. The idea is that anyone can be a part, they just knit and pray for someone and I will hopefully have some downloadable things that you can attatch to the gift. Then there will be a blog or some other way for people to let us know their stories and talk to eachother about it all. Eventually I hope to have groups that meet all over but it's all in God's hands so we'll see.

Stay tuned for links to the PrayerKnits website and the story of "the dress"! Wow, I was just full of to-be-continueds on this one.


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