Monday, November 27, 2006
I mentioned in a prior note that I was working on a double knitted blanket. It's going pretty well so far. no hang-ups yet but then again I haven't even gotten to the part where I knit the words into it yet. Soon though, I have about 4 inches til the real fun begins :) So anyway, here's my progress so far-

I used Lion Brand Jiffy in White and Light Pink.

I love Jiffy because it's soft and only about $2 a skein. Perfect for baby blankets since it seems like one always needs to be made!

Oh and on another note, I had been planning on maybe using our tax return to get a laptop in January for my writing but my husband, Mike, found something even better!

It's one of the newer PDAs (palm pilots). Mike said you can use Microsoft Word on it and when you connect it to your computer it automatically updates your work. If I get an idea in the middle of no where I can pull it out and just jot it down, no more trying to remember all my thoughts or writing on napkins. I'm so excited. It's perfect for my writing, plus no more carrying around a daily planner and address book. And you can get a keyboard that it docks into so I can type my writing just like on a laptop. I'm so excited. Wait, said that already huh? Well it just shows you how excited I really am! It is a little expensive but I'm looking at it like an investment towards my writing. Plus it's way less expensive then the laptops I was looking at. Besides, it has fingerprint identification! Who can resist that?? :) Technology is astounding.


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