Tuesday, November 28, 2006
I just found this adorable hat that I MUST knit. It's just too adorable to pass up. It can be my new "fall baby" baby gift. Here's a basic free pattern and another one with a cuter stem. And here's the best pic I found of it in action (stolen from the knitting wench) :) Actually the patterns are a little different so I think I'll play with it a bit and try to acheive the results in the photo. Although the cuter stem is just adorable!

This weekend is my chorus' annual Christmas in the Cathedral concert. It being my first year singing in this particular concert, I was expecting a "cathedral" not a real Cathedral. I just couldn't imagine we'd have such a thing in our small city and I not have known about it in the 17 years that I've lived here. So I'm driving to the "cathedral" and of course I'm just looking for a regular old church just a bit more ornate than usual, maybe even a little taller. And suddenly as I'm driving this appears before me.

I was astonished that it was right off of a road I've been down thousands of times and I hadn't even known it was there! Suddenly I was extremely excited about the upcoming concert, which I hadn't been because of the enormous amounts of practice that was scheduled for this week. Now it's more than worth it. The acoustics are amazing. It almost rivals the Carmina Burana concert we just did...almost :) So anyway here are some pics of St. Cecilia's Cathedral. And, yes, I do realize it's a very small cathedral comparitively but it's the first one I've ever been in and I have an appreciation for gorgeous architecture no matter the size. Although size helps ;P

This is the front alter, I really liked the sun detailing on the ceiling for some reason.

Actual alter.

This was my favorite part of the whole cathedral. I just loved the pairing of the crystal chandalier and the jeweled design on the ceiling.

Previously mentioned sun detailing

The organ loft where we start the concert

And finally a not-so-great picture of me and a couple of my favorite chorus girlies

Don't you just love my outfit?? I just got it in that day and just HAD to wear it, despite the pajamaness. I got plenty of comments so I suppose my chorus buddies love me despite my fashion failure. Ha!

Speaking of clothing I ended up going to kohls today with a $40 no purchase necessary coupon my mom gave me. Yay! She gave it to me because I drove her to the airport at 4:30 this morning. She knew I would have done it anyway, but it expires this weekend and she couldn't use it because she'd be gone. Plus for me!! Anyway, I was extremely happy with my purchase. I managed to get two pairs of jeans in a size smaller than I thought I was (yay for weight loss), a tank top, and a head band that was just perfect for the concert this weekend. No more hair in my eyes! So I suppose today has been one of my more enjoyable days :)


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