Thursday, December 7, 2006
My poor hubby had quite a big scare last night. Here's what happened: He went over to his best friends to hangout while I put the boys to bed (I told him to he needed a break). I told him I'd give him a call after the boys were asleep and we'd go from there (see if I'd meet them over there or I just spend some time knitting until he got home). So he takes off and I herd our three boys into their bedroom and hunker down for some good ol' Nintendo DS tetris. Of course I would knit of course but the room is dark and I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $17 on some Knitlites. If you haven't heard of them, they're a genious invention of knitting needles with lights in the tips so you can knit in the dark. I think I just convinced myself to hock over the $17 :)

Moving on...I only played a few games before I was just too darn tired and decided to use the big teddy bear I was leaning on as a pillow. And when I say big I mean BIG.

Not a night of putting the boys to bed has gone by that I've not been very thankful we bought that bear for them! he's a cuddley thing! So I wake up sometime between 9:30 and 10 and all three boys are finally asleep. Still feeling a bit groggy and quite stuffed up (this cold just will not let go) I head directly to the bathtub for some relaxation. I realize during my R&R that I forgot to call my husband but I know he'll understand so I continue my relaxation.

The next thing I know he's waking me up with this unexplainable look on his face. I suppose the best description would be bewilderment. This is what had happened during my little snooze: He and his friend had realized I hadn't called so he called to make sure everything was fine. I didn't answer. No big deal, I had probably just fallen asleep in the bed room with the boys (can you tell that happens a lot? I guarantee if you stick any mother of three preschoolers in a dark quiet room, they will lose conciousness). A little while later my husband comes home and everything is dark and quiet. He checks our bedroom. I'm not there. He checks the boys' room. I'm not there either. This is when he starts to really worry. He calls my name. No answer. And again. No answer. The panic begins to set in. The bathroom, I have to be in the bathroom, but why am I not answering?? He rushes in and sees me unconscious underneath the water with nothing but my nose sticking out. This is when he said the shock started to sink in but he was still clinging to the hope that I was just asleep. Apparently it took a few tries to finally wake me up which just made it worse. But I did finally wake up, not completely understanding the "bewildered" look on his face.
After he told me what had happened I felt horrible. My poor guy had thought I had drowned while he was with his friend. He wasn't upset with me just down right scared. I vowed never to sleep in the bath again. To tell you the truth, underneath the feeling horrible for scaring him so badly, it felt really good to know someone cared so much. Of course I already knew that but to actually see someone have that much fear of losing you just warms your heart.

Okay so enough of the storytelling, here's my recent knitting adventures. I spent all Wednesday sitting in a lecture on Asperger's and Autism so of course I needed a knitting project to take along with me. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to make but I was sure of the yarn I wanted to use.

Moda Dea TickerTape in pink

And Bernat Soft Bucle

In Black

The project started out as either a belt or scarf, I didn't like the results so I ripped it all out and started this

You gotta love that it matches my current knitting bag :)

I'm pretty sure it'll end up being a sqaure lap blanket for someone who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her daughter is in the same bible study as me and I was wanting to knit something for her mom as my first PrayerKnits project. I tought the pink was very breast cancer appropriate. I have someone else I want to make something for too so I may be doing both at the same time. It's a little 3yr old boy who has cancer. His grandmother is in my chorus group and was talking to me about the process of her becoming his hospice worker. I had been wanting to start the PrayerKnits group for a while and now suddenly I have two different people who I can knit something for through it. God works in wonderful ways. I don't think it was a coincidence that they both came through groups I was already involved in either. Gotta love that.


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At December 9, 2006 at 12:32:00 PM CST, Anonymous ruth said........
hi elyse! i got your note through my blog this morning. i love your idea about a knitting/prayer ministry! i think its a terrific idea! i never thought to pray for someone while knitting for them! (i have trouble finding the right things to knit for people already as it is) =) but i think i will start that... doing my intercessory prayer while knitting!
p.s. wow - i can imagine how scared your poor hubby was! i would be too! good thing things were cleared up =)