Friday, December 15, 2006
My Christian Knitting group met once again last night. Get this, it was me and three guys! One of which was my gorgeous husband. It was a lot of fun. The guys have actually outnumbered the girls and other than Becky, my friend of twelve years, are the most loyal in their attendance! Okay, so it isn't a very large group but we have a lot of fun. We meet monthly but I'm changing that to bi-weekly. Our official meeting time is the first Thursday of each month. If you're keeping track, that was last week. That meeting was kind of a bust when it comes to actual knitting. We had fun hanging out but I was compulsively obsessed with getting the massive knot out of Becky's poor mangled yarn. That was a feat! I started working on that thing at 8:30pm and didn't get it all out til about 1am. Another member of the girl persuasion,Sara, who had been looking forward to the meeting as some R&R after some rough weeks, couldn't make it. And the guys just kinda hung out and watched me obsess over the monster knot. I'm currently teaching all three guys so they were somewhat stuck while I was completely entranced, maybe that yarn had some mystical "I must be untangled" power. So after that meeting busted we decided to do a make-up meeting last night. Sara and Becky were wiped from hard days at work and whatnot so it was just me and the guys. I gotta tell ya, in my experiences with teaching knitting, guys are by far the quicker learners. No offense to any of the girls I've taught but these guys just pick up on it right away. My own hubby blew me away! Not only did he learn quickly but he almost immediately was knitting twice as fast as me and I've been knitting for 3 years or so. Plus his stitch consistency, for a beginner, is quite outsanding.

Don't mind hoodie over there. It was enough that he actually let me take the picture! Hubby is in the red. He's such a good lookin guy!

If you look closely at the TV you'll see their method for retaining their masculinity while they knit. They were just kidding really. We all watch wrestling together for pay-per-views so we just happen to decide to watch a TNA video on Samoa Joe. Not that any of you would even be remotely interested in the details of what wrestling we were watching. I'm fairly certain I'm the only knitting wrestling fan in existence (other than the guys of course). If there are any others out there, let me know. We could make a group! You know, of the two of us. Haha.

Thanks for being so cool guys. I'm really lovin this group. It's basically some of my favorite people (along with my all-time favorite person) doing my favorite thing with me. Who could ask for more?!


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